We Invest in Win-Win Relationships

Blue Ribbon RV Communities, a top-quality RV park acquisitions company, is a subsidiary of Court Square Real Estate Partners based out of New York. Court Square has a distinguished history in the acquisition and management of hi-rises and multi-family homes.

Our companies are currently focused on the investment and development of seasonal RV destinations and properties catering to both leisure travel and long-term residents on-location for pipeline work, medical jobs and other employment opportunities. We are currently concentrating on the Texas, Arizona and Nevada regions.

We Invite You to Partner with Us

As many business owners have their wealth tied up in their property as their only single asset, perhaps it’s time to diversify. Should our companies decide to purchase your property, you may then use your proceeds to diversify your holdings.

As a division of Court Square Real Estate Partners, Blue Ribbon RV Communities seeks to acquire investments in high-growth markets with a strong return on investment.

We Invite You to Contact Us to Discuss Investment Opportunities with Our Companies